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Database Driven Development

A database driven website/portal/application is one that collects, at least, some of its content from a connected database. Examples of database systems that can be connected to are Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and there are many others. The database is designed to contain information you want to display on your web pages/forms. This collection of information from the database and insertion into the web page is accomplished with some programs/scripts running on the web server.

Database driven website/portal/applications design is the foundation of high-performance business applications. Our team at Aptigenz, have expertise in .NET , Java and PHP as the front end programming for Database Driven Applications. Using MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle, our programmers provide best-of-breed technologies to enable sophisticated, effective applications.

Following are the benefits of building database driven application

  • Store vast amounts of information about the products or services.
  • Efficient data sorting and retrieval.
  • Complex queries and statistical analysis performed relatively easily.
  • Separate site design from site’s content.
  • Makes it easy for client to post content, update records without the need to know html or rely on a web developer.
  • Advanced search capabilities.
  • Attract repeat visitors with fresh and constantly updated content.
  • Enhance web interactivity.

A database is usually a fundamental component of the information system, especially in business oriented systems.

We at Aptigenz follow the standardized Database Development life cycle for the designing Database.There are various methods of how the different phases of information system design, analysis and implementation can be done. Here the main tasks or goals are described.

Database Design, Database Implementation are the phases that we at Aptigenz concentrate on in the Database Design course.


Database Planning

The database planning includes the activities that allow the stages of the database system development lifecycle to be realized as efficiently and effectively as possible. This phase must be integrated with the overall Information System strategy of the organization.

Systems Definition

In the systems definition phase, the scope and boundaries of the database application are described. The major user views are also described. i.e. what is required of a database system from the perspectives of particular job roles or enterprise application areas.

Requirements Collection and Analysis

During the requirements collection and analysis phase, the collection and analysis of the information about the part of the enterprise to be served by the database are completed.

Database Design

The database design phase is divided into three steps:

  • conceptual database design
  • logical database design
  • physical database design

In the conceptual database design phase, the model of the data to be used independent of all physical considerations is to be constructed. The model is based on the requirements specification of the system.

In the logical database design phase, the model of the data to be used is based on a specific data model, but independent of a particular database management system is constructed. This is based on the target data model for the database.

In the physical database design phase, the description of the implementation of the database on secondary storage is created. The base relations, indexes, integrity constraints, security, etc. are defined.


Database Management System Selection

When there is a need for a new database management system (DBMS), this phase is done. DBMS means a database system like Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Data Conversion and Loading

This phase is needed when a new database is replacing an old system. During this phase the existing data will be transferred into the new database.


Before the new system is going to live, it should be thoroughly tested.

Application Design

In the application design phase, the design of the user interface and the application programs that use and process the database are defined and designed.


During the implementation phase, the physical realization of the database and application designs are to be done. This is the programming phase of the systems development.

Operational Maintenance

The operational maintenance is the process of monitoring and maintaining the database system.