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Educational Publishing

Educational Publishing – Interactive Digital Content

We are no longer in the days where digital content meant books accompanied by cd’s. We need to be innovative to develop online digital strategies promoting education solutions which can be monitored efficiently.

We have been working with publishers across globe in developing online educational content on different platforms. Its challenging to analyze the best possible solutions and platforms to generate revenue hence we have been developing numerous digital content for conducting surveys across universities before finalizing the most effective platforms and solutions.

The challenge also lies in the dynamic nature of the educational content across different states and geographical locations.

Meeting Demands of Digital World

Supplementing the world of ink-and-paper textbooks opens unprecedented pedagogical horizons, including interactivity, built-in assessment functionality, and adaptive learning.

But in today’s multi channel market, which solutions are right for your products? And where can you find the collaborative authoring tools and illustration, animation, and technology know-how needed to efficiently design and create content for each solution?

Whether you’re a K-12 or higher education publisher, Aptigenz’s curriculum and instructional strategists, content creators, designers, and technologists develop efficient strategies and workflows that ease the disruption from print to digital to mobile. Our expert teams address the entire educational content life cycle – from product conception to delivery.

Our industry veteran consultants share innovative best practices to keep publishers ahead of the digital curve, from the changing landscape of rights and permissions to flexible learning content and responsive mobile design. We improve your operations with smart, marketable content that can be re-purposed quickly and easily to meet unpredictable market and technology demands.

Aptigenz develops content that your customers want, delivered to the category that they need, while cutting costs and time to market.