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Custom eLearning Content Development

Looking for interactive courses to align your company’s learning and performance goals with its business objectives?

At Aptigenz we create interactive, engaging and intuitive courses that adhere to the latest industry standards, thereby aiding seamless alignment of your company’s learning and performance goals with its business objectives.

We develop bespoke training solutions that improve talent and performance in the workplace and eductional insitutions. Our expertise includes

  • Custom elearning
  • Mobile learning

We partner with global organizations who seek high quality training to help them achieve their business goals. Learn more about our services and how we can help your business!

Custom elearning

Custom Elearning Solutions

We can reach your workforce, wherever they are, with dynamic online interaction to improve performance and change behaviour.

Our creative Custom-Elearning solutions include business simulations, knowledge nuggets, workplace scenarios, assessments, and LMS/corporate intranet integration.

As a bespoke elearning developer, with many years’ experience in ground-breaking learning design, Aptigenz delivers cutting edge elearning to desktop, smartphone and tablet, with performance improvement guaranteed.

Mobile Learning

If you are not in the mobile learning space already, you will be soon. A revolution in cloud services, smart mobile devices and the availability of wireless broadband network access has resulted in a migration of content away from desktops and laptops to mobile devices. Organizations globally want to provide their employees with access to work-related content through mobile. Even if your organization hasn’t made the leap to mobile, many of your associates are already exploring the opportunities mobile offers to access information just in time and just in place. This is helping to support employees in their roles and improve performance.

Mobile learning 2

Mobile learning will support your existing training. It will not replace the core “training course” but it will provide an opportunity to extend your service in ways previously out of reach. Being able to provide “on the spot” or “in the moment of crisis” learning support will revolutionize how users view their learning function. Users will increasingly use apps and other mobile services for “just in time” support as well as support that uses geo-location, photo, social and augmented reality functions that these smart devices deliver.

If you’re not already using it, you should strongly consider adding mobile to your list of training resources!


Responsive HTML

Elearning is changing – rapidly! The increasing demand in organizations for content to be made available for mobile devices is impacting on the technology being used for elearning development.

Responsive HTML is an HTML standard which enables web-based content to adapt to the size and shape of the device on which it is being viewed. The purpose of content designed in responsive HTML is to ensure optimum viewing across all hardware platforms from mobile phones and tablet PCs to wide-screen high-resolution displays.


Our Mobile Learning Solutions

Aptigenz has developed expertise in design and development of corporate mobile learning solutions.

We live in a multi-device world. The needs of the modern worker require that elearning needs to work across all devices: desktop, tablet and smartphone.

We develop responsive elearning that works on all devices and responds to the learner’s device. We develop content so it can be rapidly and seamlessly deployed to all devices.

Why choose us

Why Choose Us?

  • We have been active in the mobile learning space for years.
  • Our designers apply the same exacting principles of training design to mobile learning programs as we do to more traditional mediums.
  • Our designers work to maximize the capabilities of each specific device and platform.