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With the rapid pace of evolving technologies & consumer behaviour, which has lead to diversified channels and customer touch points. It has become increasing important to have a holistic view of customer interactions, to meet diverse customer expectations.

It is a well know fact that satisfied customers are key to any successful business. To achieve this, we believe in:

  • Consistency in improving our customer experience through accurate, practical end to end engagements driven by smart analytics.
  • Opportune revenue generation by identifying situations to up sell and cross sell.
  • Empowered agents to respond faster, using dynamic knowledge banks, predictive behaviour and statistic data analysis.
  • Quick program rollouts using predefined industry use cases, well balanced transitions plans, and smart IT infrastructure set up solutions.

Aptigenz combines its proven BPO expertise, cutting edge technology solutions, empowered contact centre agents with tailored actionable recommendations to address various customer lifecycle challenges and creates opportunities for new revenue growth.

Our goal as an organisation is to provide intelligent customer experience management solutions, which leads to long term satisfied client relationships.

Our services include


Customer acquisition

The 21st century customer knows his potential, and the purchasing power that he possesses. He understands the diverse choices before him, and will make sure that he gets the value he deserves.

If the provider of a product or service does not meet the expectation of a customer during the acquisition process, it is quite evident that the customer may explore other options in the market.

Hence, for any positive acquisition method, it is imperative that the customer is completely satisfied during the whole acquisition process.

The key is to clearly recognise the customer’s needs and expectations, and to proactively develop a value proposition that is in line with his expectations.

We at Aptigenz are keen to impact the revenue growth of our client’s organisation in a positive way, and increase its customer base and reach.

We provide the following customer acquisition solutions:

  • Telemarketing/Appointment setting/Data collection etc.
  • Inbound and outbound telephone sales
  • Order taking and payment processing
  • Customer call-backs
  • Customer verification

Customer service

Over the last decade, we have witnessed that customer’s interactions with organisations have grown from voice to chat, and now moved to online social media, which has taken customer management to another level.

We believe that every interaction is very important and that every customer is different, and highly influential. We are here to help you set up a dedicated offshore personalised command centre unit to meet all your customer management needs, and objectively reducing operations costs.

We provide a range of multi channel services that focus on:

  • Customer care, service and support
  • Technical support, advice and guidance
  • Product information and help line support
  • Out of hours and overflow support

Customer development

Increasing the profitability of the existing customers is essential for long term business success for our clients.

At Aptigenz, we strategically position ourselves with actionable customer lifecycle insights by capturing and analysing relevant data to help us up sell/cross sell, by using incremental revenue generation techniques, pro-active and empowered agents to identify opportunities for smart revenue growth.

This part of our business process includes:

  • Inbound and outbound up-selling
  • Inbound and outbound cross-selling
  • Order taking and payment processing
  • Directory assistance and messaging

Customer retention & collections

If we believe that customer satisfaction is key to business growth, then we need to evaluate what we are doing right and what needs to be improved. It is widely accepted that all customers cannot be retained, but it is most likely that the satisfied customers are more likely to become long term loyal customers and positive advocates of the products or services consumed.

At Aptigenz, we find it critical to devise appropriate retention activities to retain the right customers in the most economical way and at the same time diagnose the areas which need improvement in customer life cycle management.

Aptigenz has build on its experience over the years providing customer retention solutions to clients.

Here are some solutions to help retain customers :

  • Outbound welcome and customer activation calls
  • Outbound collection calls
  • Inbound customer registration services and inquiries
  • Inbound/outbound incentive offer calls
  • Reactivation activities
  • Save and retention initiatives
  • Customer feedback and research activities