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Product Development

Building amazing products requires leading-edge technology skills and a disciplined execution along with a shared responsibility mindset.

The first two are deeply embedded within Aptigenz approach to product development cycle; we use only the latest technologies to engineer intelligent embedded, mobile, and cloud software applications.

Today’s businesses are increasingly becoming highly competitive. A bright idea, strong strategy and in depth marketing knowledge may still not bring the required results unless organizations pay attention to high development quality and innovative development practices.

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Web Application Development

Aptigenz uses agile methodology; best programming practices, coding guidelines and standards all through our development life cycle.

Aptigenz constantly evaluates the latest trends in the development community to improve our deliverables to provide our client the best possible solutions.

Aptigenz is specialized in the following programming languages and works with its clients to select a programming language that is well suited to each client’s needs.

We at Aptigenz try to maintain versatility in our work and have a varied collection of experience in the application technologies.

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Mobile Application Development

With fast growing usage of Mobile devices across platforms and geographic locations, Mobile Application Development has become a fast growing domain providing developers with an apt opportunity in new and innovative ideas in building mobile applications.

The most important aspects of building any successful application with quality, maintainable, secure code is the experience of the programmers in building similar applications.

Aptigenz development team has experienced developers in building a variety of mobile applications.

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Customer support

We can customize our Aptigenz call center services to fit your organization. Let us help you design a program to optimize conversion, increase sales, and create a positive experience that leads to loyal and repeat customers.

Every member of your inbound customer support team understands their importance to supporting your acquisition and retention initiatives.

Your company takes great pride in how you treat your customers. At Aptigenz we share the same feelings and can help you provide exceptional customer service, order taking and help desk support to your clients.

Our inbound call center agents have experience and expertise making customers happy all over the world. We work with traditional and online companies in the US, Canada and Australia to take customer orders and provide product support.

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IT Helpdesk Services

Our support expertise even covers Business Servers, Networks & securities offering you meet your IT Desk Support service objectives via a single point of contact.

Our Outsourced Help Desk solutions allow your organization to benefit from the most highly qualified and certified technical staff, without having to worry about recruiting, training, fulfillment, and other related tasks.

This team of dedicated support engineers has the breadth and depth of technical skills and knowledge to handle technical issues using our secure remote support tools. All that is needed is access to the Internet.

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