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Aptigenz Solutions Pvt Ltd.
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Providing Enhanced Customer Experience

Your company takes great pride in how you treat your customers. At Aptigenz we share the same feelings and can help you provide exceptional customer service, order taking and help desk support to your clients. Our inbound call center agents have experience and expertise making customers happy all over the world. We work with traditional and online companies in the US, Canada and Australia to take customer orders and provide product support. Whether you are communicating with your customers via voice, email or chat we have the experience and talent to provide the best in class customer support your customers deserve.

Customized Service

We can customize our Aptigenz call center services to fit your organization. Let us help you design a program to optimize conversion, increase sales, and create a positive experience that leads to loyal and repeat customers. Every member of your inbound customer support team understands their importance to supporting your acquisition and retention initiatives.

Our highly trained Aptigenz call center agents treat your customers with the care and attention you would expect from one of your own employees.

  • Customer Service/Support
  • Customer Retention
  • Billing Enquiries
  • Help Desk
  • Credit Card inquiries
  • Directory Assistance
  • Technical Support
  • Order Taking and Order Processing

Cut Costs

Aptigenz Call is the cost-effective answer to expanding your company’s customer service and support. Our experienced inbound agents have the “soft touch” required by all of our customers. We offer small and midsized businesses the same high-quality inbound call center solutions that the big names enjoy. But, unlike at the big centers, you’ll never feel lost with us.


Aptigenz call center agents are college educated and hand-selected to match your customer service program requirements. We can arrange for daytime, overnight, or 24/7 coverage. We offer more value, more sales, and more service.