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With fast growing usage of Mobile devices across platforms and geographic locations, Mobile Application Development has become a fast growing domain providing developers with an apt opportunity in new and innovative ideas in building mobile applications.

The most important aspects of building any successful application with quality, maintainable, secure code is the experience of the programmers in building similar applications.

Aptigenz development team has experienced developers in building a variety of mobile applications. At Aptigenz, we ensure that the Mobile apps are detail-oriented, simple to use and rich in feature with a constant eye on the quality of the deliverable being made.

We at Aptigenz specialize in developing apps in iOS platforms and are venturing into Android apps. We can develop apps for the specific needs of the customer and hence customization will be based on the client’s needs and requirements.

Aptigenz Mobile App Development Process


Kick-Off Meeting / Requirement Gathering

Aptigenz team meet with the concerned client to gather understanding of the entire project. This meeting would have all the players involved so that the guidelines and the expectations can be set at the beginning.

Content and Material Gathering

All the related content, technical documents, images and assets will be gathered from the client. Any additional database access has to be obtained with the proper client and company procedures.

User Interface and Architecture Design

In this stage, the black and white depictions are created; the overall flow of the app is designed as well.

Application Design

If there are specific designs that have to be made as per the client specifications, they will be taken up. Color schemes, themes, skins, fonts and graphics to be used will be decided in this phase.

Application Development and Integration

The in-house development team will take up the coding of the app. This will include database connectivity if any, integrate web services and the develop testing involved.


Once the unit testing is completed, integration testing is performed after which the application will be tested for regressions testing.

Project Sign off and Launch

Once the app is ready, Aptigenz team will help with the launching of the app.

Maintenance and Enhancements Planning

If there are any enhancements, which might be necessary for the app’s complete cycle, they will be taken up based on the discussion with the concerned team.